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Tracy - Member Representative

Having always been a fan of bikes and cycling since I received my first at 5 years old, it’s taken 47 years for me to sign up and become a member of a cycling club.
As a youngster, I remember playing out on my bike, it wasn’t anything special but it felt so to me. Happy to simply ride round & round the block, and on one particular day, my Mum called me in for tea so many times she gave up. Refusing to stop, I covered 114 laps that day, I was definitely ready for tea by the time I went in, oh and a chewed ear!  A clear sign to me that cycling was a significant part of who I am.  Some memories last a lifetime and that will always be one for me. I loved my bike and though I no longer have that one, it’s a feeling I still hold for my current wheels.


Had I joined Barnsley Road Club sooner, I could’ve seen more sights, shared more experiences, covered more miles and be filled with an endless amount of satisfying smiles.  It makes a huge difference to ride with team encouragement and support. If I could speak to my younger self, I’d definitely say… “sign up, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain”.

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