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Head Coach and Member Rep - Chris

My love of cycling started in school at the age of 12 with most of my spare time spent building jumps in the woods with friends and working at the local bike shop. The ‘Barnsley Bicycle Centre’ or ‘Raleigh shop’ was an institution for all that had the privilege to work there and this massively defined my life and friendships. 
Riding a bike became not only a  hobby but an escape, a chance to reset, there is nothing else like it.

My love for the sport has only grown from there, eventually playing at racing on the velodrome and off road in both cyclocross and mountain bike. 
My daughter then started riding at age 5 and joined some of the coaching sessions run by Dom where I quickly found a new avenue in the sport and club I hadn’t previously been aware of. Encouraged by Dom I started down the coaching pathway, what better way to put my experiences and knowledge to good use than to inspire and support the next generation. Now qualified as a level 2 British cycling coach, I can hopefully generate the same enthusiasm and passion in these amazing young riders for a sport and way of life that has brought me so much joy.

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