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Club and members information

Find out more about your responsibility as a club rider, who your committee members are, our constitution and of course how to look great by ordering club kit.

Club History


The information below about the founding of the club was obtained from an article written by the father of life member George Miles.

In 1924 an advert appeared in the “Cycling” magazine, asking that anyone interested in forming a cycling club in Barnsley attends a meeting at the Manor Castle Inn on Pontefract Road.  About twenty people turned up, but not the sponsor.


After much discussion another meeting was arranged in an old shed at the back of Caffrey’s on Doncaster Road – his son Frank being one of those present. The first meeting was held on 20th March 1924.


This meeting was actually the birth of “Barnsley Road Club”.  The name, officials, committee and the first club-run (which was to Goole) being chosen.


Among those present were J. H. Johnson (the convener of the previous meeting), A. W. Stapleton, A. Streets, the brothers W. L. and J. Haigh and W. Miles.

Further meetings were held at the homes of various members until the first headquarters were fixed at the Manor Castle Inn, where the first Annual Dinner was held and also the start of the “Brigg and Back” record ride. The first winner was H. Akred of Shafton.

The first President was G. W. Miles (George Miles’ grandfather) who incidentally was also the first life member.

Those and lots of other members from around that period can feel proud of what they built, and the Barnsley Road Club owes much to those original members who built a firm foundation with their interest and enthusiasm, that enabled the BRC to become known and respected both locally and nationally.

Today the club is still a strong force in the cycling world with a hundred and twenty-strong membership, that compete in most forms of cycle sport and achieve great results.

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