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Join or Renew Membership

Becoming or staying a Barnsley Road Club member is quick and easy to do and you won't regret it!

We offer rides and activities to suit cyclists of all ages and abilities, giving you the chance to ride with like-minded people and explore new routes on your bike.

Whether you are a new member or an existing member looking to renew access our club page on the British Cycling website

By enrolling members through British Cycling, we can manage and communicate with you easily and safely. As a member, you get the security of joining an accredited cycling club, with secure online payment and data protection through the British Cycling safeguarding and compliance teams.
Annual membership fees for Barnsley Road Club are just £10. You can join us at any time during the year, with membership fees renewed each year in February.


Contact us for more information

Please read the guide to enrolling if you need it

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