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15 miler for Phil.

Sunday 29th May. East Bradford C.C. 15 miles time trial.

Course, V221, Grafton to Cowthorpe, North Yorkshire. 10am start.

It is many years since Cowthorpe was mentioned in context with time trialing. Back in the day (I`m talking `60s or 70`s now) all the best races finished on Cowthorpe Lane, with maybe the exception of the O2 at Blyth, Notts.

Back to the present. Phil, off number 37, last man out of a field of 47, recorded 35mins 16secs (ave speed 25.5 mph) on a not very fast surface. Good ride Phil, 8th place isn`t bad at all.

Winner, Joe Wilson, Dolan Ellesse. 31m 26s, (28.6 mph).

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