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2 apologies deffo needed !

Who too ? .... well Phill Tyas and Paul Ruta !

Why ? because they both did possibly P.B.`s in the Melton Olympic CC 25 mile Time Trial last Saturday, June 5th. The event was listed as `the slowest 150 entries` but only got around 100 entries, so everyone who entered got a ride, that included some very fast riders.

On the A46 the A25/34 course is proving to be very rapid on a good day, Saturday was one of them.

60th, Paul Ruta really made good his march towards the one hour barrier with an astounding 1hr 01min 08secs, (24.5 mph). Only 69 seconds to go Paul. Brilliant !!! .. to think this guy is in his 70`s, wow.

24th, Phill Tyas, what can I say, ........ 55mins 00secs. (27.3 mph) .... only thing I can say, where did you lose that one second that would have made it a `54`.

In the 1980`s I was gutted when Margaret Allen clocked 54m 00s, I`m gutted for you Phill.

So I`m really sorry lads, I thought I`d combed all the possible events for last Saturday, somehow I missed Melton`s event. I`m very sorry, you both did remarkable rides. Keep it up lads.

Winner, Oliver Peckover, (Upshift Nutrition R.T.) 47m 06s (31.8 mph).


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