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A double Chapeau at the weekend !!

Updated: May 21, 2021

No wonder I couldn`t catch up with Phil Tyas at the weekend, he was busy clocking above 600 miles over Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday 15th up to Lake District, West Pennine RC `10`, (Levens course L1015).

Conditions, throwing it down and I mean really throwing it down, Phil had to empty his shoes of water at the finish & nearly made another `Lake`.

Phil clocked a terrific time of 21mins 02secs, (28.5 mph). A personal best ever. Chapeau fella.

1st overall, Simon Wilson, Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling, 18min 04secs, (33.2 mph).

Sunday 16th. Down to Tring, Newbury Velo `10` between Aylesbury & Hemel Hempstead (north east of London) to ride the F11/10. (reminds me of when I was chasing a sub hour `25` on the F1 at Tempsford).

Phil`s shoes must have dried out because they could not have been soggy and heavy .......... reason ......... Phil clocked himself at around 20min 50secs. (28.8 mph) which turned out to be correct. Another personal best, 2 in 2 days. A double CHAPEAU !

To date (Wednesday) the club promoting the event has not published a result sheet, riders usually cannot get their times on the day due to Covid restrictions.

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