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A windy ride for Phill.

Saturday 23rd April 2022.

Event :- V.T.T.A. East Midlands 10 mile time trial.

Course A10/14a, Long Bennington/Gonerby, Lincs. (A1)

Phill Tyas, a `vet` now (over 40 years), and `off` at 3-11pm, was quickly burning rubber on the shorter leg to the turn at Gonerby, the return leg besides being longer always felt slightly uphill (or so I always thought).

Whatever, Phill made short work of the 10 miles to clock a very decent time of 21mins 39secs, an average speed of 27.7 mph, only 49sescs off his personnel best ever 10 mile time recorded last year.

Well done Phill for going so fast on a very windy day, just wait for that good day fella.

Winner was Richard Oakes (Team Ohten Avers) with 19-36 giving an ave 30.6mph.

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