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Brothers on Bikes

So this is a personal blog about club members as 'Brothers on Bikes'  the phrase is not inclusive but is a metaphor of the comradery we share on and off our bikes as members of Barnsley Road Club no matter our age, sex, gender... I feel immense pride that the club is doing so well by putting on consistent rides, socials and attracting new and old members to ride. Also the way communication has increased in all forms including face to face conversations.

My brother was over for the bank holiday weekend and it was he who inspired my move back to road cycling. He gave me his old Giant Speedster, Chro-Moly frame with down tube shifters and I was away. I spent many hours cycling by myself enjoying the discipline of getting out in all weathers up and down dale, the tranquillity to think and the benefits of an improved fitness. I invited him on the Big Day Out- York Addition he was keen to give it ago. He has been working hard in life and his new job had robbed him of some strength in his legs but not his will to succeed. 

So he enjoyed meeting all the members he spoke to, it enthused him, it made him determined to dig in and make time for cycling- something he loves. I joked with him about joining the club at the end of  York ride when sat in the pub with a drink. I'm sure you all make promises about things when we you have achieved so much and have a drink in hand. So I was delighted to hear both he and his partner had joined the club and was on the look-out for a centenary jersey!

So why tell you? Well, the feeling I had on my bike with my brother as we rode and chatted the kilometres away was great and I wanted to share that with everyone I ride with at the club I get that feeling! friendship, passion, determination and comradery...

So here is to my brothers and brother who I am immensely proud of!

photo of my 'Brothers' Garreth, Tracy, Mick, James, r Tim and Phil.

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Garreth Bruff
Garreth Bruff
4 days ago

Lovely to read this and reflect on the wider benefits cycling brings to people, not just physically but emotionally 😁

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