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Club Record smashed !

It wasn`t a case of when this would happen, but where, when & by how much !

Holmfirth C.C. 10 mile time trial on Sunday 12th September was when !

Held on the V210, A19 Dishforth/Thirsk road, a fast dual carriageway at 8am when the traffic was lighter was where !

Josie Smith took Debbie Pearson`s Ladies Club Record from 1984 of 23mins 02secs

apart and left the pieces in another page of B.R.C.`s history.

The time that Josie recorded was a staggering 22minutes 16seconds (26.9mph) beating Debbie`s time by 46secs. That was by how much !!!

Again, Josie was 1st fastest Lady and holder of yet another Course Record by 1min 52secs.

Phill Tyas also rode this event and was marginally quicker than Josie, clocking yet another short `21`. ..... 21mins 02secs, which was only 12secs off his personal best time, I think this gave Phill 10th or 11th position.

Winner Marcel Schbert recorded 19min 33secs (30.7mph), which was also a Course Record by a slender 1 second.

Debbie Pearson was a very nice, attractive young lady who could produce a very fast 10 miles time when required. Sadly Debbie passed away in the early 1990`s at a very young age.

Rest in Peace Debbie. xx

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