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Didn’t they do well?

This last Sunday before the crack of dawn four members of B.R.C. and all their helpers headed up to Melbourne near Pocklington. It was the day of the Team Swift 12 hour time trial, three had tried a 12 hour before, one had no idea what was about to happen.

First time rider Josie Smith took to the road at 6-14am, she would finish at 6-14pm. Second Road Club rider was a veteran at these long distance events, Wayne Randall (Club Treasurer & Time Trial Sec) left the timekeeper at 6-16am, Wayne`s PB was set many years ago (his words) with 247 miles.

Gary Thornton was third one to go at 6-21am, unfortunately he wouldn`t complete the course, back pain meant he had to climb off after 78 miles, he was gutted.

Finally the last of the Barnsley riders took to the road. Darren Gough at 6-25am had learnt his lesson last year when late in the afternoon he started to tire, not this year.

After several laps of a twenty five mile circuit the riders took to a smaller circuit where they ran out their times.

The final distances covered by each rider was worked out and a finish sheet was produced, it was as follows :-

1st Angus Wilson, Dundee Thistle, 268.91 miles.

2nd Darren Gough, Barnsley R.C., 268.73 miles.

7th Wayne Randall, Barnsley R.C., 251.27 miles.

17th Josie Smith, Barnsley R.C., 230.46 miles.

Darren broke the Club Record (266.47 miles) by 2.26 miles.

Josie broke Kath Mitchell`s Club Record (222.39 miles) by 8.07 miles.

Darren, Wayne and Josie broke the Team Club Record (718.240 miles) by 32.22 miles.

Great rides by everyone, better luck next year Gary.

Apologies if I`ve got any of the sums wrong.

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