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National Champs 10 miles.

Sunday 28th August 2022. Promoted by Vive Le Velo. Course V714, Gilberdyke to Howden on the B1230.

Conditions, fine, hot with a very light west wind.

This event attracted possibly the best 10 mile field in the country, the man on top was Scotsman John Archibold riding for `Wattshop`.

John recorded a super fast 17mins 53secs (average speed 33.6mph), over half a minute faster than the 2nd placed rider.

On this local course that I have ridden many times, I know that a 17 minute ride is super fast with it`s slow grippy surface and very little traffic to produce a dragstrip effect.

BRC`s Phil Tyas recorded 22mins 34secs (ave speed 26.6mph), not far off his better rides but never in contention in this start studded field.

Credit due to Phil for competing, you tried your best fella.

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