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Paul goes it alone at Hatfield.

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Saturday 17th July. Rossington Whs 10 mile T.T.

Course O10/1 (Hatfield Woodhouse - Blaxton). 2pm start. 70 entries.

Paul Ruta did another excellent ride in the heat, heat can really unsettle some riders but Paul coped with it nicely. Well done with your 25mins 15secs (23.8mph) ride.

Looking through the result sheet Paul took several good scalps, guys who have been well above Paul`s times in yesteryear. Chapeau fella, payback time eh !

Winner, Ben Turner (Dinnington RC) 19m 03s (31.5mph).

Very nearly a 18 minute ride (4 secs off), it would seem now the road surface has been relaid by the prison the times are improving ...... about time too.

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