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Racing at weekend.

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Saturday 10th August,

Tickhill Velo C.C., 10 mile time trial on the O10/1 (Hatfield Woodhouse near Doncaster).

Number 61, Phil Tyas goes at 3-06pm.

Number 77, Rob Keyte goes at 3-17pm.

This course is very open and exposed to any west winds. The surface is not the best and passing the `prison` it is broken up rather badly.

So have a safe ride lads.

Sunday 11th August,

Team Sportslab presents the Yorkshire 10 mile Championship.

Course, V714 (Gilberdyke - Howden & back). Newport, East Riding is the HQ.

Number 52, Phil Tyas goes at 2-52pm.

Number 89, George Miles goes at 3-29pm.

Phil must like these draggie courses, 2 in a weekend. The surface is not very smooth but it is flat, that is until you have to get over a railway bridge and a motorway bridge going and coming back. It is usually fairly quiet.

If I have missed anyone racing in other events, I`m sorry. Any information to George or post on here. Ta.

Saturday, Phil`s race cancelled on Friday due to weather conditions.

Sunday was only marginally better, Phil timed in at 23m 24s, George Miles was 6 minutes slower with 29m 06s. Winner, Phil Graves 20m 04s.

It was a head wind to the turn, so savage at times it was difficult to hold a straight line and coming back wasn`t as good as expected.

Phil managed a 4 mile run afterwards - a leg loosener !


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