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Some more speedy times from Phil and Paul.

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Sunday August 23rd, Leamington C & AC 10 miles. Course, K11/10T,

A superb PB for Phil Tyas ..... 21mins 44secs. B.R.C. Fastest 10 of the year so far.

Phil placed 36th with an ave speed of 27.6mph ....... Wow !

Winner, Seb Barry (AeroLab Ward Wheels Z) 18mins 50secs. (31.8mph)

Rutland CC 10 mile time trial at Hatfield Woodhouse (O10/1) on Saturday August 29th 2020.

Phil Tyas recorded 23mins 02secs (26.0mph) on this bone shaking course with a northerly cold wind. A good time on the day.

Paul Ruta, yes, that grand old man, I`m allowed to say that - you aren`t !!!

his time 26mins 42secs (22.5mph). He wasn`t far off beating a certain younger rider from Rutland CC who is roughly 5 years Paul`s junior by 11 seconds. The Rutland CC rider was a `top of the tree` rider in his day .......... Chapeau Paul.

Winner, Oliver Peckover, 19mins 39secs. (30.5mph).

Bank Holiday Monday, August 31st.

Drighlington BC 25 miles t.t. Course V236/1 (Thirsk, N.Yorks.) Start time 8am.

First day this year when there was very little wind so Phil Tyas P.B`d again, this time at 25 miles. Great stuff Phil.

His time 55mins 30secs.

Another B.R.C. Fastest time of the year to date, this time at 25 miles ..... Wow !!

Winner, Alex Royle, 47mins 11secs (ish). (No results published as yet due to Covid.)

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