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Something new for Janine !

Saturday May 6th, 50 km Audax UK event.

Peak District, anywhere in the Peak District is going to be hard work so well done Janine Morrall & her friend for having a go.

Starting from Dore, Sheffield, the event & route was organised by Sheffield CTC group and the actual distance was 62kms (a rule with Audaxes is always make them long, just to be sure).

In sunny warm weather from Dore to Longshaw and down to Froggatt, then up to Monyash, on to Youlgreave. Returning back via Bakewell and Baslow to Dore. Hilly to say the least.

As well as the 50km there was also a 100km and for the masochits ... 200km.

If you think that Audax ridding is for whimps, think again, if you ride at the pointy end you have no friends and nobody gives you any quarter. It`s always a fight to get back first within the time restrains and at the back to finish within the time restrains. A detailed route sheet is provided and to make sure the route is followed you must get your brevet card stamped at certain places along the route.

Janine is aiming to enter some longer and maybe flatter events, so if you want to take part in an Audax then contact Janine to sort something out. Well done mi luv.

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