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Mental Health Awareness Week

The week is Mental Health Awareness Week and has seen many members taking positive actions to support this powerful initiative. From positive messages on ‘Socials’, to catching up on or off the bike, and in some cases just asking simply “are you OK?”. As a positive, inclusive, and caring organisation, BRC always strives to promote the benefits of both mental and physical health, and it’s been great to see us promote this activity in our wider communities this week. As part of our organisational structure BRC has a qualified Welfare Officer, who is available if, and or, when required in support of our overall welfare, as I’m sure are all Club Members, if you are not feeling OK at the moment. And never forget that it’s OK to not Be OK sometimes.

This week’s activities by our membership have got me thinking, can having a heathier mental and physical mobility make us better cyclists. Physical mobility is potentially more widely understood to have benefits for our cycling, from stretching and improving our flexibility, to having complementary sporting activities. Some choose to run, swim, take a yoga or HIT Class, walk in our beautiful countryside, or just simply stretch our tight aching muscles, all of which aid in a positive effect on our physical mobility. However, what benefits could we see from having a focus on our mental mobility? Maybe its ok to not achieve the goals you’ve trained for if we see it as an opportunity to grow and learn. Life is a one-way track, with no opportunity to go back, but we can use the principles of failing forward and in it harness emotional positivity to strive forward. Trust and have confidence to create your own path, its you’re path so you can “blaze the trail” and open a whole world of possibilities. When we see our physical and mental mobility as equal to performance, in our sport and in our wider lives, the possibilities are endless and potentially beyond your wildest dreams. Just a thought.

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